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$25 hand delivery of ashes to Southern California home or cemetery.

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Our basic cremation package without funeral is the lowest in Southern California. If you find a less expensive one we will beat it.

Our competitors will advertise or quote you a cremation in the $500 range and a few even have the gall to quote as low as the $400 range. When you're ready to sign the contract they will then justify a price increase by telling you that “cash advances”, "government fees", "transportation" and "required items" are necessary. When you’re finally ready to sign and pay for their contract it will be in excess of $900. We include all these in our package.

See the comparison table below for what we include and what will drive our competitors’ prices well above what was first advertised or quoted. WE INCLUDE EVERYTHING that’s required and needed for a proper cremation.
Transportation from a facility anywhere in Southern California. Included $2.50 per mile in excess of 25 miles of their location.
We come to you to help you make cremation arrangements at no cost. Arrangements can also be done via email, fax and/or mail. Included You must go to the mortuary to make arrangements.
Basic services of the funeral director and staff; and overhead. Included Included.
Refrigeration. Included Included.
Obtain cause(s) of death and signature or attestation from physician. Included Included.
Standard cremation, up to 300 pounds. Included Additional $150 "cash advance" payable to the crematory.
Standard cremation container, up to 300 pounds. (taxable) Included Additional $75 for the "required" cremation container.
Transfer of ashes to up to 3 urns, keepsakes and/or jewelry. Included Additional $50 to transfer ashes into each urn, keepsake or jewelry.
Plastic urn. (taxable) Included Additional $25 for a "required" plastic urn.
State cremation fee. Included Additional $8.50.
Certificate of death (not certified). Included You must purchase certified copies plus a $75 processing fee.
Disposition permit. Included Additional $12.
Sales tax. Included Additional, varies.
TRUE FINAL PRICE = $629.00 $900+
** Possible additional fees from us and our competitors:
--Additional crematory fees for decedents in excess of 300 pounds.
--Removal of implanted battery devices.
--County coroner release.
--Delivery of ashes to location outside Southern California.
--Certified certificates of death.
--Additional disposition permits.
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Up to 300 lbs.
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$99 unwitnessed scattering of ashes at sea.

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